Monday, January 2, 2012

About carbs and love

Heart Chip

I made a mistake. For New Year's Eve, I bought one of those big boxes of assorted potato chips for the kids. 6 Original flavour, 6 Ketchup and 6 All Dressed. So, why was this a mistake? Because my two younger ones only eat the Original flavour, and the eldest prefers the Ketchup. That leaves the bags of All Dressed just sitting there, calling my name. I did have one on NYE, and it made me feel sick.

So, here I am, hanging around the house because the kids are off school and I'm not working this week, with too much time on my hands. Rather than doing something useful like cleaning the basement, I'm thinking about potato chips and self-love.

Like most people, I love potato chips. That combination of crunchy, fatty and salty just hits the spot for me. Actually, none of those are a problem for me. If I got my butt in gear and made kale chips, they would be crunchy, fatty and salty and I would have no problem at all. It's the potato that is bad for my gut. It's hard to get much higher on the Glycemic Index than a white potato. It turns into glucose almost before you are done chewing it. That is undoubtedly part of what makes it so addictive - that insulin surge that hits you and makes you ravenous for more.

I know all of this with absolute certainty. It's not a theoretical construct. Eating potato chips is bad for me, makes me feel sick and will undoubtedly prolong this colitis flareup I so strongly desire to manage without toxic medications.

Last night I stayed up too late, succumbing to the lure of the siren Internet. When I'm tired, my body mistakes the need for sleep for hunger and tries to get me to eat as many carbohydrates as I can possibly ram down my gullet, in the hope that that will make me feel less tired. Some nights it's like watching somebody else in charge of my hands, getting into the cookies or rationalising knocking off a whole bag of gluten-free cheese puffs (they aren't quite as bad for me as cookies, right?).

I am proud to report, though, that last night I firmly took charge of my hand and took it back out of the chip box, empty. Then I went to bed. I loved myself enough to avoid putting stuff in my mouth that is toxic for me, and to give my body what it needed at that point (sleep!).

The fact that I'd just read this amazing eBook by Krista Scott-Dixon may have helped. You have to read this book - don't be put off by the foulmouthed title. Just read it. Also read her website and become a devoted follower. You won't be sorry.

What have you done already this year to make yourself proud?


  1. I have no issue with foul language. Bring on more!

    Today I got out of bed and I'm very proud of myself. If you set the bar low enough, self-esteem is easy to achieve.

  2. L, you are funny. So, what did you think of the eBook? Ready to cut back on sugar, maybe? Then it might be easier to get out of bed ...

  3. I threw away the leftover holiday candy and cookies that I had been snacking on for the past week, justifying this because "its the holidays." Never mind that my jeans are dangerously tight to the point of bursting. Now they are in the trash, where they should have been several days ago.

  4. Jodie, you rock!

    I haven't thrown away the chips (Rafi will probably eat them, eventually). But Shira and I went food shopping, I bought kale and it is now dehydrating merrily away. If it works out I'll share the recipe ;-).

  5. I am proud of you, but take those chips no one BUT you will touch - take them out to trash bin (dump them in it so you can't pull the box back out) or throw them in the back yard and stomp on them a bit. There's your self love - for later, when you might be tired and forgetful.

    I had McDonald's french fries, last night, and a chance to reflect on how regaining weight wasn't just about quitting smoking, but coincided with W's joining Scouts. Lazy Monday night drive-thru food is a gateway to other small slips throughout the week...


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