Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why A Coat of Many Colours?

I have always loved Carole King, but of course I never understood the lyrics of this song until I actually had some warp and woof in that Tapestry ... and while trying to understand who I am and what I like to do, I found that phrase "a coat of many colours" recurring in my mind. I have always been very envious of people who know what they are passionate about from a young age, take steps to follow that dream and build a career around their strengths. But for me - there are so many things that excite me, so many strands I want to follow. I have lived so many lives already, loved so many people and places, learned so many new things.

I am hopeful that writing is a way I will be able to develop my strengths and finally grow into whom I was meant to be. I hope my coat of many colours does not lead me to be sold into slavery instead!

Do you have a visual metaphor that keeps intruding on your self-description? What is it telling you?


  1. I suppose if you let your possessions possess you, or your interests consume you too completely, it becomes a slavery of sorts. ;) I'm going to have to think a bit, on this question. I don't think I do have, really...

  2. Is there a visual metaphor for "too anxious to please other people"?

  3. I found an image for you, Jen, but Blogger won't let me post it in the comments, apparently.

    You can view it here:

    See if that works for you ;-).

  4. But to be serious, Jen, I'd love to see a *positive* visual metaphor of who you are. Believe me, I can dream up a million of my own faults (can we find visuals for "impulsive", "easily distracted" or "sometimes incredibly insensitive"?). But I find the coat metaphor more helpful, and I'm betting we can find one for you, too ... if you want to play this game ;-).

  5. Oh, and Holly, just to be clear, the slavery mentioned above has to do with the original possessor of the coat of many colours ... mine has nothing to do with favouritism, though, so I have good hope to avoid his fate ;-).


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