Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration - #BlogElul 17

Ah, Inspiration.That elusive energising of the imagination that we all seek. The Greeks personified it as nine goddesses, each in charge of a different form of art, and called upon them to support their efforts - the opening lines of both the Iliad and the Odyssey are invocations of the Muse. Romantic poets such as Lord Byron wrote impassioned poems to their muses, either real or figurative.

In Judaism, inspiration is considered, of course, to come from G-d, the ultimate source of our spirituality and imagination. True understanding, repentance and most importantly, the resolve to do better, must follow from a moment of inspiration. Art may be the result of this clarity of vision, but it cannot be created without it.

The prophet Isaiah had a vision in which an angel of fire touched his lips with a glowing coal and made him fit to carry out G-d's mission, speaking to the people of the destruction that was sure to come if they did not mend their ways. 

How painful does inspiration need to be before we can see our way clear?

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