Saturday, December 10, 2011

On losing


Of  course when you take part in a competition, you run the risk of losing. I sent off little pieces to two competitions recently, and in both of them, I didn't even get an honourable mention. I have no idea where I ranked because they didn't say. I'm hoping not too near the bottom.

On the one hand, I'm not surprised. I've only just recently taken up this writing gig again, and I have a long way to go. It was actually helpful to be shown just how long that way is ;-).

Still, it's never fun to lose. Having got everything I'd sent to people up until then at least published (mind you, mostly for free, but still), I was beginning to get a somewhat inflated view of my skills. It hurts to be deflated, even when it is good medicine.

This is where my friend Holly's blog post comes in handy. Very encouraging to those of us who might be tempted to give up when things get rough (although G-d knows I have no intention of giving up just yet!). I just need to learn how to improve.

What do you think, what are you perhaps a little discouraged about?


  1. Never give up on yourself. That's the main thing. And no, it's never fun to lose. Just remember that it's not always about you or your skills; when it comes to writing and getting published, it's as much about the reader's taste and what the publication needs enough to pay for. It's so very subjective. Even if everyone thinks you're the BEST writer ever, you can't go wrong by practicing and perfecting your skills, lest they grow rusty from disuse.

  2. At the moment I'm discouraged by my bathroom. It needs a thorough shining and I dread to spend my whole sunday in there...

  3. Did you do it, Asdis?

    Funny how dread itself can be a great motivator. Here's how it my mental dialogue goes on that:

    "Just HOW badly do I need to do that?"

    "It's pretty important. You know it needs to get done."

    "Any chance the elves will come do it while I sleep?"

    "Nope. They say it's your turn to clean THEIR bathroom. And while you're at it, they could use some new shoes. Get to cobbling!"

    " don't even know how to DO that."
    "Guess you're on your own with the bathroom, then."

    "Let me just nap on that."

    "Sure. It'll still be there. Probably looking worse than it does now. Much more dreadful."

    "I suddenly see where the word 'dread-full' comes from."

    "Yep. Take all the time you need. I love watching your to-do list snowball on you and roll you down a hill into a big tree."

    "That's sadistic."

    "So clean the bathroom, already."

    At some point, I realize I'm tired of this conversation in my head. I want other, less tedious voices ringing around in my cranium. Usually, that means it's time for a nap. Muahahahahahaa!! No, seriously - clean the bathroom so you don't spend the week dreading it and having these nagging conversations in your head.

  4. Oh Holly, I just love your internal dialogues ;-).

  5. Awesome and really also inspiring blog post that is good for th mind


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