Sunday, December 4, 2011


 Isn't it amazing how we use busy to avoid doing real work? You will not believe the amount of time I have spent today on busywork. But what have I achieved?

To be fair, I have tackled a few tasks I've been procrastinating on. There are some jobs I will do today (like changing the sheets on everybody's beds) that will greatly contribute to the comfort and health of my family. But really, when it comes to writing my eulogy, will anybody care?

I struggle with balance. My husband, bless him, has been working hard to make beautiful wooden floors for our house (thereby removing my last vestiges of River Heights envy). If I let dust bunnies collect in the corners of those gorgeous floors, what message does that send? But how much time should I devote to chasing dust bunnies? If I spend all day on my laptop trying to write while ignoring my children, what good is that? But if I spend the day with them and try to write by night and destroy my health, have I improved matters at all?

I think I need to re-immerse myself in Flylady, to get those routines going so my house will practically clean itself. I know it is possible because I have been there in the past. Spend 15 minutes and it is amazing how much you can get done. It's just so hard to get up from the darned laptop.

Housework and childcare are not really the voice of the Lizard Brain, although the LB can definitely use them to fill up the time. See, it says, you don't have time to write anything worthwhile because you are so ... BUSY.

What do you think, how does your Lizard Brain ensnare you?


  1. I see Prunebutt in there. Do you see him? My angry dust bunny of a Muse? What's he doing at YOUR place??

    Worse yet is when other people accuse you of wasting time (who cares if they're right - it's YOUR time!) and say, "Oh, I wish I could do..." (whatever it is you're doing) "but I'm too BUSY! I could just never find enough time for that."


    Just have to remember what's important to YOU, and make sure the most important things get done FIRST.

  2. OK, Holly, now I really need to know why your Muse is an angry dust bunny named Prunebutt. I'm clearly missing a story here.

    I was subbing this morning, it was fine but it really made me realise that I can't be a full-time teacher. I just couldn't handle the hours required, especially in the first year. Kind of sad considering the time and money I invested in the B.Ed. degree, but on the other hand, I was able to use that knowledge to advocate for Ari. Does everything really happen for a reason??

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