Monday, November 26, 2012

The Core of the Matter

Mars Core Structure.Today I had an FMS test. That stands for Functional Movement Screen, based on the Functional Movement System. It's a method for gauging a person's movements, to see if any of them need correcting. The trainer had me do all kinds of motions while he took measurements and wrote down a score on a form.

Well, it was kind of sobering. My score was 9 out of 21, not exactly wonderful. In fact, any person with a score below 15 is apparently prone to injury. I have to say that aside from a chronic frozen shoulder/rotator cuff issue (which was the main reason I wanted the FMS as physiotherapy has done nothing for it) I have not, actually, had any injuries in two years of running and kettlebell training. I suspect that is because I know when to back off.

Anyway, the good news is that I don't have any asymmetries, and I had no zeros, which I suspect means an inability to do the motion at all. I have very little shoulder mobility and favour the sore one, which makes sense, but the main thing is that my core is weak. My lousy balance probably follows from that - in fact, everything probably follows from that. It's not surprising that after three C-sections, two of them vertical, there wouldn't be much muscle tone in that area. But now that ten years have passed since my final surgery, I'm hoping the exercises I will be doing will help restore some strength, even though it is probably a mass of scar tissue inside ... sigh.

Stay tuned as Hadass transforms from wimp to Wonder Woman!!

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  1. Those babies sure do a number on the core muscles, don't they? No c-sections here, but a rather spectacular hernia while carrying #2 that's been gradually improving in the last 5 years. Very gradually.

  2. Pilates specifically strengthens the center. I am orthodox about my pilates class. Do they have it at your gym? Zohar

  3. Yes, they do, but I am going to wait and see what exercises he gives me. I suspect they will be similar ;-). Thanks for the tip!

  4. My Sunday weight lifting trainer is off in vet school and until she returns I am in the hands of a CORE trainer. She does not do weights, but she has me on a low stool or on a mat doing more or less what she does in her Pilates classes. She too is a candidate for an aluminum bra and boots, but it appears she is dealing with a totally different set of muscles that play no role in the weight lifting. I feel it the next day, but in general it is good for me, despite being old and decrepit. Good luck.

    1. Sounds good to me! I'm glad you are taking such good care of yourself. My plan is to do the same.


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