Friday, August 31, 2012

Excuses - #BlogElul 13

Another day, another blog post about Elul. I hope I don't bore you guys to tears before the month is done. Wouldn't that be a great excuse not to write them through to the end?

We are so great at making excuses. If we put a fraction of the energy we put into inventing excuses into just doing whatever it was, it would get done.

This is true whether it's about washing the kitchen floor (you would not believe how many excuses I have for that ...), making that scary career step or another important decision, or picking up the phone to call a friend.

In Elul, we have important soul work to do before we meet the King of Kings. We have so many excuses to avoid doing it. Let's discard them all and just work on becoming the people we would like to be.

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