Saturday, February 25, 2012

More on Chinese workers


My friend the writer Holly Jahangiri introduced me to a fascinating man named Peter Wright. You need to read Peter's life story to really appreciate his point of view - he was a farmer in Zimbabwe at the time that Mugabe's thugs took over, and has gone on from there. He now lives in Canada. I don't often agree with his political views, but I have great respect for him nonetheless.

Read his blog post on buying stuff made in Chinese factories and tell me (and him) what you think. This could be a fascinating conversation!

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  1. My turn to thank you for your kind words.

    To also thank you for the inspiration for the blog post and to thank you, Holly and your father for contributing to the discussion and in the process provoking me into writing replies long enough to be blog posts in their own right.

    It is a fascinating subject and one to which there are no easy, or perhaps even right, answers.


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